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I cultivate experiences that are . . .

- I make space for folks with different learning styles and abilities by using accessible language, visuals, incorporating thinking pauses in teaching, and encouraging various modalities for contributing,

- I make space for considering many perspectives, incorporating the ones present and the other relationships we are in.

- I make space for how change making affects our individual and collective nervous system, (our experiences, body and environment).

- I make space for collaboration so that we can practice interdependence in low risk ways. 


. . . using Creative Liberation Practices.



the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.
"the liberation from systems of oppression"

Creative Liberation Practices is a framework I use to MAKE SPACE for equitable and land based futures; based in Radical Education,  Community Art Practices, and Care Building so that we can tap into our imagination and creativity to design sustainable embodied change.

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Customizable workshops, (individual or a series) that make space for creativity and (un)learning in exploring equity and land based futures in professional or community settings.
     90mins - 3hrs. A workshop series could look like 3 or more. 


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- Somatics and Social Change: Our nervous system and why social change is hard
(Un)learning Social Change Interventions: Moving from learning change to doing change 
Power and Privilege: How we got them & taking responsibility for upholding them
- Taking up Space: For BIPOC women and femmes who are done with acting small
- Finding Wholeness: Racism and the mixed race experience


I offer Emergency Preparedness specific workshops because it is foundational to MAKE SPACE for change during a time of compiling crises.

-  Emergency Preparedness: Beyond the 72hr Emergency Kit

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Addressing change work with an intersectional, accessible, trauma informed and collective approach can actually be exciting and hopeful, in a world where creating change feels overwhelming.
     30mins - 60mins speaking engagements. 


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- Creativity and Change: How art helps us make space for embodied change
- Nurturing Imagination: Considering personal and collective approaches to change
- Building Capacity Now:  Practices that make space in our brain & body for future changes
- Creative Liberation Practices:  How anti-oppression, culture building, and art come together

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For creatives or organizatoins that want to create equity centered organizational change, improving the client experience and nurturing organizational systems so as to avoid burn out, increase retention, and walk the talk.
     Contact me regarding a discovery call to discuss your goals.

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- Anti-Oppression
- Anti-Racism
- Intersectionality
- White Supremacy Culture 
- Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Community Art Projects

Art is a transformative tool for bringing communities together to express what is important to them and how to address it collectively. Great for new and established communities that want to deepen relationships with each other.
     Contact me regarding a discovery call to discuss your goals.

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- Let's WEAVE our Stories
- Let's PAINT a Plan for our Neighbourhood
- Let's BUTTON up on Issues that are Important to Us
- Let's BANNER our Shared Visions for the future
- . . . have an idea? Let's talk!

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Don't take my word for it . . .

What participants had to say!

"(this) is an incredible experience for educators and humans in general who want to understand the systems that play into the current context of western society.


It is important for all people to get to the base understanding of white supremacy culture before we can begin to move forward in a productive way. Also, content is organized and explained in an incredibly lovely way.


I highly recommend this (...) to anyone who works with other humans!





- Kirsten,

Kʷak̓ʷala Lik̓ʷala Learner and Educator

Daniela has guided me from the very beginning of my decolonization journey.


She has especially helped me understand my own intersectionality, plus the importance respecting my own timing and rest. 


- Camila,

Freelance Designer

Daniela is one of the most humble and transparent people I know. Her willingness to share her self-awareness journey encourages others to be gentle with themselves as they go through their growing pains. She is welcoming, friendly, and keeps you honest.

- Ivania,

University Professor

. . .  is importantly direct and the additional resources are expansive, I feel most supported because Daniela is approachable, warm, inclusive, and candid. 


I recommend it for anyone interested in starting or furthering their decolonization journey!




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“Not everything that is faced can be changed;
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
- James Baldwin 


Want to experience
Creative Liberation Practices
for yourself?

Let's talk!

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