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I am grateful for individuals and organizations like yours that are interested in taking time to intentionally prepare for change so that it can be embodied, collective and sustainable.

I partner with change makers who want to make space for building practices of care into their change work that address social inequity and the climate crisis.

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Care Building

As organizations and individuals change due to growth, new leadership, or funding changes, they may prioritize the immediate changes needed to fulfill their mandate and programs -and it is necessary to make time to create, or revisit their values and commitments to equity, and the land.

  • I offer consulting and/or workshops for organizations wanting to build and grow their equity seeking values.

  • I offer coaching to leaders who are looking to sunset their role to support equity in their workplace or organization.

  • I offer keynotes that inspire and engage participants with your values.

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"Daniela is one of the most humble and transparent people I know. Her willingness to share her self-awareness journey encourages others to be gentle with themselves as they go through their growing pains. She is welcoming, friendly, and keeps you honest."
- Ivania

2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (13)

"Daniela helped me understand the systems in our society and how they affect me, and also it helped me understand how to better teach the youth at work."
- Hayley

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Emergency Preparedness

Addressing challenges that individuals and organizations face in engaging with emergency preparedness. Supporting individuals to creatively consider their role and contribution during an emergency, as well as how to build their capacity before having to face an emergency. 

  • I offer an introductory workshop "Beyond the 72hour Emergency Kit".

  • I offer an in person interactive community art activity for community leaders who want to support their community in engaging with their pre-existing emergency plan.

  • I offer additional consulting for households, workplaces, and communities that wish to further explore their intersectional approaches to "Beyond the 72hour Emergency Kit".

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"I've attended a lot of emergency preparedness workshops, but never have I been to one as thoughtful as this one."
-  Margaret

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"I expected to feel overwhelmed and dread by the time this workshop was done. Instead I am excited to get started on my emergency preparedness and care building!"
- Claire

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2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (6)_

"The Work" 101

A 12 week course that goes beyond diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by asking what systems are in place that create the need for DEI, what it looks like to resist and dismantle these systems (while having to live within them), and where we can look to to support our imagination in creating more equitable futures.

  • I offer the course online for individuals. (coming soon!)

  • I offer in person or online training for organizations who want to practice the values and policies they have worked to create.

  • I offer one-on-one coaching for participants who want additional support in unerstanding and applying these learnings in their lives and organizations.

2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (13)

". . . ('The Work' 101) is importantly direct

and the additional resources are expansive, I feel most supported because Daniela is approachable, warm, inclusive, and candid.

I recommend it for anyone interested in starting or furthering their Decolonization journey!"

- Daphne

2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (13)

"The Work 101 is an incredible experience for educators and humans in general who want to understand the systems that play into the current context of western society. It is important for all people to get to the base understanding of white supremacy culture before we can begin to move forward in a productive way. Also, content is organized and explained in an incredibly lovely way.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who works with other humans!"

Ǧilakasl ̓a!"

- Kirsten

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Ready to nurture your growth as an intersectional change maker?

Daniela Guerrero-Rodriguez

Let's talk!

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