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an aunty,
book worm,
beach lover,
artist, educator,
care builder, and
seeker of liberation. 

My work is informed by being a queer, Latinx femme of African, Central American Indigenous and European ancestry, born on the stolen lands of the Huetar speaking people, (in what is colonially known as Costa Rica), and raised on the stolen lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people, (in what is colonially known as Vancouver, BC).

I am an artist, educator, and care builder. 

In my personal art practice I explore being mixed, colonization, pleasure, and my relationship to land.

In my community art practice I facilitate art based experiences for kids, adults and organizations to imagine our relationships with ourselves, others and land and find accessible interventions for liberation.

As an educator I create learning environments where we can engage with social change, anti oppression, decolonization and liberation in meaningful ways.

My practice of care building, looks like emergency preparedness, collective care practices and community building - all of these are necessary for our body to feel safe enough to create space for imagination, (something that can feel like a risky practice - specially when we are in a state of constant collective crisis).

Creative Liberation Practices is a combination of my interests, expertise, and skills, and with them I nurture learning experiences that make space for imagining equitable and land-based futures 


Master of Education in Arts for Social Change ​

Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies

Certificate in Community Capacity Building

Art of Hosting method


Director of Education at a social change incubator. 

Frontline, culturally competent mental health care.

Community builder with an arts and culture focus.

First generation Latinx immigrant eldest daughter.

Available for workshops, public speaking, consulting, and community art projects.

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