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Education and consulting for change makers who want to tap into their imagination and creativity so that they can nurture embodied, sustainable, and aligned approaches to their change work.


for equitable and land based futures (and have fun doing it)!

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"Daniela cultivates experiences that
MAKE SPACE for change."

I am a community artist, radical educator, and care builder, with

I am equipped and empowered (and, to be honest - thoroughly enjoy) designing spaces for change makers across many identities and experiences to explore how they make change, or as I call it - their "change journey's".

Whether you a leader, parent, outreach worker, artist, entrepreneur, or educator; 
a youth, millennial, or elder,
a front line change maker, online change maker, or aspiring change maker, 
we can all MAKE SPACE for change. 

I cultivate experiences that center imagination and creativity, and that are accessible, intersectional, trauma informed, and collective, so that you will feel equipped and empowered to center equitable and land based futures in your change journey,
(and avoid burn out while doing it)!


17 years as a frontline mental health worker,
10 years as a community builder in arts and culture, and
4 years as a social change educator.

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Change is an embodied experience.

I support you in moving from KNOWING the future you want to BECOMING who you need to be to create that future.

MAKE SPACE  to explore your unique change journey 

through creativity, (un)learning, and care to create change that is:


(interpersonal relationships that address systemic injustices), and 


(a model for intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental relationships).

  • If you are a newer to change work: it might seem overwhelming, and you may feel unsure of where to start, but you know that you need to start showing up differently.

  • If you are experienced in change work:  you may feeling burnt out, and are wondering what it would look like to take a break - (if that is even an option available to you).

  • If you have stepped out of change work: you may be taking a much needed break, and know that the way you used to do the your change work was unsustainable and are wondering what it looks like to re-enter this work now.

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I MAKE SPACE in our bodies

by guiding somatic exercises that support your nervous system,

so that you are equipped with practical tools to stretch your comfort zone,

and avoid feeling stuck in your change work.


I MAKE SPACE in our minds

by offering activities that stimulate imagination and creativity,

so that you can practice aiming for equitable and land based futures,

and avoid re-creating systems of oppression in your change work. 


I MAKE SPACE in our communities

by creating care containers that hold collective growth,

so that you can practice curiosity, communication, and collaboration,

and avoid the burn-out of unsupported change work.

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Join 100's of change makers who MAKE SPACE for imagination and creativity.

This is a weekly-ish newsletter with my ponderings as a change maker - this year I am exploring the "pleasure of receiving" and it's role in building care networks, liberation, and my relationship to land. 

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