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Welcome to 'The Work' 101

This group mentorship program will support you to transform the way you create change in the world because you will be practicing it in community with others! 


YAY! I am excited that you are ready to go on this journey with us! Please fill out the form below to ensure this is the best experience for you and everyone else in the group.

Do you identify as a woman, trans woman, femme, or non binary person?
Do identify as a person of color?
Are you an indigenous person from what what is colonially known as British Columbia? IF YES, SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE
COMMUNITY AGREEMENT: Do you agree to show up for the 90minute online meet ups 3 times a month, participate in discussing anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism and white supremacy culture, do so in a respectful manner, and contribute to your transformation and that of your peers?

If you are Indigenous from what is colonially known as British Columbia, you are eligible for a full scholarship, please email me HERE before proceeding

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