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2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (8).png


2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (5).png
2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (10)

“Every crisis, actual or impending, needs to be viewed as an opportunity to bring about profound changes in our society (...)
by creating images and stories of the future that help us imagine and create alternatives to the existing system.”
- Grace Lee Boggs

2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (10)
2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (10)
2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (5).png

I cultivate (un)learning experiences that are . . .

- I make space for folks with different learning styles and abilities by using accessible language, visuals, incorporating thinking pauses in teaching, and encouraging various modalities for contributing,

- I make space for considering many perspectives, incorporating the ones present and the other relationships we are in.

- I make space for how change making affects our individual and collective nervous system, (our experiences, body and environment).

- I make space for collaboration so that we can practice interdependence in low risk ways. 


2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (5).png

. . . using Creative Liberation Practices.



the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.
"the liberation from systems of oppression"

Creative Liberation Practices is a framework I created to make space for equitable land based futures; it is rooted in (un)learning,  creativity, and care so that we can tap into our imagination and creativity to design embodied, collective, and sustainable change.


- Through Radical Education we gain clarity and confidence so that we can practice and embody our role in equitable land-based futures.

- Through Community Art Practices we explore complex issues with curiosity and imagination so that we can understand each other better, work together better, and create a plan to address challenges or fulfill intersectional organizational goals.


- Through Care Building we create and identify our support systems so that we can increase our capacity for change.

2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (5).png
2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (6)_

Why focus on emergency preparedness in intersectional change work?

The climate emergency is here!

Everyday there are climate records being broken around the world and our households, communities, and workplaces are being affected. We all have something we need to, (and can do!), because we are ALL in a relationship with the environment.


Crises are continuously compiling (ie: COVID-19, increased police violence, racism, genocide, etc.) we may be finding it overwhelming to do our part, or wearing ourselves out trying to do it all. Emergency preparedness helps us address what we can so that we can focus on the rest.

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2024 May - DGRC Website Backgrounds (8).png

Want to experience Creative Liberation Practices for yourself?

Join an upcoming workshop!

Daniela Guerrero-Rodriguez
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