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For change makers who want to tap into their imagination and creativity to design sustainable change.


for equitable and land based futures (and have fun doing it)!

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"Daniela cultivates experiences that
MAKE SPACE for change"

I am a community artist, radical educator, and care builder, with

I am equipped and empowered (and, to be honest - thoroughly enjoy) designing spaces for change makers across many identities and experiences to explore how they make change, or as I call it - their "change journey's".

Whether you a leader, parent, outreach worker, artist, entrepreneur, or educator; 
a youth, millennial, or elder,
a front line change maker, online change maker, or aspiring change maker, 
we can all MAKE SPACE for change. 

I cultivate experiences that are accessible, intersectional, trauma informed, and collective, so that you will feel equipped and empowered to center equitable and land based futures in your change journey, (and avoid burn out while doing it)!


17 years as a frontline mental health worker,
10 years as a community builder in arts and culture, and
4 years as a social change educator.

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- Systems of Oppression (Racism, colonialism, ableism, sexism, etc.)
- Intersectionality
- White Supremacy Culture 
- Diversity, equity, justice and inclusion in workplaces and in education

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- Change Making and Inclusion: Making space for different learning styles
Somatics and Social Change: Our nervous system and why social change is hard
(Un)learning Social Change Interventions: Moving from learning change to doing change 
Power and Privilege: How we got them & taking responsibility for upholding them
Networks of Care: Building capacity in a world with compounding crises
Taking up Space: For BIPOC women and femmes who are done with acting small
Caregiving and Socialization: for BIPOC women, and femmes of immigrant families
Finding your Place in Change Making: Recovering from the non-profit industrial complex
Finding Wholeness: Racism and the mixed race experience

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Creative Liberation Practices is a framework to
for imagination and creativity.



the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.
"the liberation of all political prisoners"

Creative Liberation Practices MAKE SPACE for us to approach systems of oppression - like racism, colonialism, ableism, or sexism - with imagination and creativity so we can design sustainable change.

You are here because you are a change maker and you want to feel more empowered and better equipped to contribute to an equitable and land based future. 

  • If you are a newer to change work: it might seem overwhelming, and you may feel unsure of where to start.

  • If you are experienced in change work:  you may feel burnt out, and in need of a boost of energy.

  • If you have stepped out of change work: you may be taking a much needed break, and want to approach change work more sustainably.

Creative Liberation Practices supports you to MAKE SPACE to explore your unique change journey  through creativity, (un)learning, and care.


an interpersonal relationship founded on access where everyone's unique needs are met. 

Land Based

uses the ecosystem as a model for

people-people, people-animals, and people-planet relationships.

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Community Art Practices: art made in collaboration with a community about the things that matter to them.

Radical Education: (un)learning experiences based in equity and collaboration.

Care Building: networks of care that increase our capacity, specially in times of compiling crises.

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Ready to explore your change journey with Creative Liberation Practices?

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For organizations or groups who are ready to deepen their engagement of equity seeking practices in their workplaces or educational spaces.

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Inspire imagination and creativity that leaves the folks at your gathering excited about creating change and tackling challenges together!

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For creatives and organizations who prefer (un)learning using various art forms to explore equity based organizational change so you can collaborate better.

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An opportunity for community to work together, gain a better understanding of each other, and the needs of the community, while having fun!

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Join 100's of change makers who MAKE SPACE for imagination and creativity.

This is a weekly-ish newsletter with my ponderings as a change maker - this year I am exploring the "pleasure of receiving" and it's role in building care networks, liberation, and my relationship to land. 

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