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You're a change maker, make space to remember what you are working towards


Daniela makes space for you to nurture your self expression and cultivate a critical mind.


Ready to lean into change without the shoulda, coulda, woulda energy?

Creative Liberation Practices is a holistic framework for imagining equitable and land based futures that encourages pause and ease for more effective and sustainable change work.

It is an intersectional, accessible, trauma informed and collective approach to radical education, community art and care building.

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"(Daniela) gave me the courage to no longer make myself small in those colonized spaces, and to feel confident in showing up in my true authenticity."  

- Lisa, Social Worker

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Make space for imagination, abundance, and play in work that is often urgent, scarce of resources, and always demands 110% from you.

You are often being sold a new more effective and efficient way to do things.

Daniela makes space by encouraging pause, intention, and creativity.


She tackles challenging issues with compassion, grace and care. 

Making space

is not about creating MORE change,

it is about uncovering

the change you are here to create,

and designing a way to do it sustainably. 

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